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Finca Los Nogales Box Set

Finca Los Nogales Box Set

    We are thrilled to present a two special decaf lots from Los Nogales. Located in Hulia, Colombia, the farm is managed by Oscar and his sisters Angie and Olga Hernandez.

    Typica - Mucilage EA Decaf

    The coffee was used by Zhang Weihong, who won the 2024 US Brewers Cup Championship. After harvesting, the coffee cherries are first separated into coffee beans and mucilage by depulping. The beans are then washed and soaked in their own fermented mucilage with Ethyl Acetate(EA) for 48 hours for decaffeination. This innovative approach not only gently removes caffeine, but also imparts a nuanced fruity and floral complexity to the final cup.

    Castillo - Washed Mucilage Decaf

    After harvesting, the waters with mucilage and coffee skin that resulted from pulping the coffees during the washing process is fermented in two stages; alcoholic and acetic fermentation.The aim is to obtain a solvent from each of these fermentation stages, which is then mixed and filtered. The final product contains Ethyl acetate and Ethyl lactate produced naturally. The main characteristic of this solvent is its high fruity aromas and its capacity to maintain the coffee flavour. 

    Throw your expectation of a decaf out of the window! These 2 coffees are processed forward with a burst of tropical candy and minimal bitterness!

    This box set consists of:

    • 1 x 75g Typica - Mucilage EA Decaf
    • 1 x 75g Castillo - Washed Mucilage Decaf

    Pre-order: 5 June 
    Roast date: 7 June 
    Shipping/Pick up: 10 June

    ** this coffees are process driven which may impact the terroir's characteristics

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