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Espresso - Gabriel Torres, Colombia

Espresso - Gabriel Torres, Colombia

The Gabriel farm is located in La Pradera, outside of La Unión, Nariño at 1800 masl. Rich volcanic soils and an Andean climate  make this a captivating region to grow coffee. The Torres family is led by Gabriel’s brother Frank, and together they’ve all planted and preserved lovely varietals like caturra and bourbon, while introducing other new varietals.

Gabriel supervises the picking of only ripe cherries, and ensures that cherries are carefully sorted before pulping. He leaves the picked cherries to begin the initial fermentation process 24 hours, carefully making sure that the temperature doesn’t go above 25 C. From there, he depulps and leaves coffee to ferment in a pickle barrel between 25-30 hours.

The brothers consciously work to return organic material to the soils with the hope of fully transitioning away from using chemical inputs.

Espresso Roast 200g
Resting period: 10-14 days from roast date

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