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Espresso - Ahmed Abatemam, Ethiopia

Espresso - Ahmed Abatemam, Ethiopia

The family owned Abatemam farm is located about 30 mins sou-sou-west of Agaro. It’s a typical Ethiopian forest wonderland: 35 hectares at an altitude of 2050 metres, forested with lots of shade trees, and containing plenty of new plantings under the canopy.
The coffee production is a joint effort among the brothers. Cherries are harvested by picking only the mature and fully red coffee cherry seeds one by one on the coffee tree. After that cherries are transferred, separating the mature seeds from the immature ones. The mature seeds sink the others remain on top. They pulp the mature seeds by pulper machine without adding water, using only mucilage, with no fermentation. The cherries are left under the shade for 24 hours, then left on bed to dry in the sun for up to 10 days. This process involves zero chemical contamination 

Espresso Roast 200g 
Resting period: 10-14 days from roast date

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