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Espresso - Dayana Rivadeneira, Colombia

Espresso - Dayana Rivadeneira, Colombia

Aged 19, Dayana already owns her own farm, La Quebrada. It is one of the highest elevation farms in her small township of Bermejal, and coffee production is a family affair. Because of the high altitude and cooler temperatures, Dayana has a later harvest than many of her neighbours, and during the harvest she and her family pick cherries every 25 days or so, giving them time to ripen to a dark grape colour.
She floats the cherries to remove over and under ripe cherries, and then intentionally leaves the cherries for an initial “cherry ferment” for 24 hours, where the fermentation process begins within the coffee cherry. After de pulping, the coffee is left to ferment in an open tank. As the mucilage protecting the seeds ferments and loosens away the seeds, the volume decreases.  She washes the parchment once before moving it to a ventilated parabolic dryer. She finishes the drying by taking the coffee outside to dry under a protected cover until it reaches the ideal moisture level. 

Espresso Roast 200g 
Resting period: 10-14 days from roast date

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