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Filter 100g - Chilaka, Ethiopia

Filter 100g - Chilaka, Ethiopia

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Tamiru Tadesse has been in coffee for the past eight years, partnering with around 200 farmers in the Bensa zone of Sidama region. Tamiru's farm specialise in processing anaerobic and natural coffee, which is dried on a raised bed with mesh wire. 

As part of his plan to establish Alo Coffee in 2020, Tamiru took a risk and chose Alo Kebelle, a high altitude village new to growing coffee to process his coffees. He won COE the following year, with an anaerobic coffee produced and processed at an altitude of 2450 masl. 

Despite its size, this coffee is packed full of flavour and vibrancy, with prominent notes of lychee and strawberry! 

Filter Roast 100g**
Resting period: 12-14 days from roast date

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